Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

by - August 19, 2016

Helloooo everyone! Today I will be  reviewing the Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette that I was at first very skeptical about buying at first. Maining because the colours in this pallet are all really rosy gold and usually wouldn't suit my skintone.

It's the best eyeshadow pallet that I've ever owned! However I haven't owned quite a lot. Just like me you might be skeptical about spending £50 on eyeshadow, but it's so worth it. I use mine everyday and all the eyeshadow pan are still really full. The colours are beautifully pigmented, especially the shimmery ones. And if you spray face primer on your brush before- it goes CRAZY pigmented. Even without an eyeshadow primer, it can still last all day, sometimes it's still on when I wake up in the morning and forget to take makeup off. I swear this pallet is amazing!

When I initially bought this I was just starting with the whole makeup stuff. I have dark skin and like to lean towards neutrals and brownie colours for my everyday looks and surprisingly this is perfect. Other than the darkest colour they all have great pigmentation and don't smudge or flake. Because of the theme of the palette it's very easy to make really simple eye looks that appear to have had a lot of time spent. The colours all go together and blend into one another very nicely. I recommend this 100%

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe go and buy this amazing pallet. Here's the link from where I bought it. Byeeee!

Arabelle Akinfe

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