let's talk about basic b*tches

by - October 13, 2016

Hello! You probably don't remember me considering that I haven't blogged in a long while. I was clearly being delusional when I thought I could keep up with school while blogging. Completely insane! I'll probably start using the blog planner I got in April and maybe actually sort out the big mess I proudly call my life. I've also been in a slum not knowing what I should actually write on here. So I decided to write about basic bitches, because lets face it- we're all a basic bitch inside.
(P.s my friend Charlotte gave me this idea, thanks)
Hello, I'm Arabelle and I once went a whole winter living in my Uggs, my most common injury are burns due to lighting seasonal scented candles and, as I write this long awaited blog post, I'm drinking a pumpkin spice latte. 

A lot of people use the term basic as an insult. These people equate “basic bitch” to someone who is uninteresting, boring, just like everyone else, and devoid of personality. For the past week I've been thinking, is that me? I mean come on: just because a girl likes popular things, she’s boring? How judgmental does that sound!?

Rather than fight the label, I’ve decided to embrace it. I’m not ashamed to like what I like! And if that makes you call me basic, than so be it. If you want to be the type of person who labels things based on something as superficial as that, go for it. 
Here is something for you to think about. Everyone is basic. There's an app called that has got super popular when all you do is lip sync to songs. Now everyone's doing that- BASIC. YouTube was a place to express yourself just like blogs, but now everyone is filming song lyric pranks and things about Stranger Things (I'm not bashing on them, I love them too)-BASIC. We are all basic and I'm pretty happy to be basic because if I wasn't  a basic bitch, I'll just be a boring bitch living under a rock wearing Juicy Couture track suits and crocks. 
If you're still not convinced to embrace the term basic, here's a 10 reason why I'm proud to be basic :)
  1. Quoting movies like Mean Girls, Bring It On and the handshake of The Hot Chick means you have a GREAT memory. 
  2. Watching The Carrie Diaries and Friends over and over again means you'll never be bored. 
  3. Posting inspirational quotes on Twitter or Instagram means that your followers will always be inspired.
  4. Being on first name terms with the barista at Starbucks means you're friends! Who doesn't want friends?!
  5. Pretending to like kale makes me feel healthier.
  6. The dog filter is honestly the best filter on Snapchat.
  7. Carrie Bradshaw makes me want to be a writer.
  8. YouTube is life 
I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading! Anyway got to go it's frappocino happy hour at Starbucks ;))

Arabelle xoxo

(This post was obviously a joke. However don't let a silly little label like basic define who you are. Be your own person! I like to think of myself as weird yet basic. In other words normal.)

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