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by - November 05, 2016

Hello everyone! I am so incredibly sorry that I haven't posting a lot of content over here recently. I've been stacked with so much and kinda just I wanted to try and focus on school work and all of that stuff for some time. But I promise you, that I am back to writing back to normally again and more better post too. Well, hopefully. I've started to focus more on fashion and lifestyle blog post. Beauty blogging is for some people, but just not me.
Like I said before- I've been focusing on school work so in this post I've decided to help those who are currently in the same boat as me. In this blog post I'm going to be helping those people with exams. In other words who to revise for them. I honestly hate revising for exams. So if you are just like me, and not really doing a snoopy happy dance when the word 'exam' comes out of your teachers mouth; you are going to love this blog post.  Also this isn't really aimed at teenagers studying for GCSEs. This would also help anyone if you're in A-levels, University or even if you have a job and need to learn a bunch of new stuff. The following techniques WILL help you and make you feel less relaxed about taking the exam or test.

Make Big Bold Notes

If you make flashcards I recommend making them on colourful paper. If you make lots of notes or mind maps you should make them colourful. For some reason when I'm studying with colourful notes, I seem to take in more of what I'm learning. Also apparently if you used the font called Comic Sans on Microsoft word, you retain more information.

Make a study plan 

Study plans are useful when you're doing lots of exams like what I'm dong currently. It helps you to know what you are studying and when you can do other things around that time. Basically, using a study plan means I'm able to blog today! You can make a study plan by using Microsoft Excel or Word or the website  This method might be one of the crucial ones to try if you have GCSEs or Alevels.

Sticky notes on you're walls

I had to check with my mum first to see if I'm allowed to put sticky notes on my walls but if you are allowed to, my History teacher give me the idea of putting sticky notes around your room. You write a question on the non sticky area of the note and the answer on the other side. Once you get the question correct, take the note off the wall. If you're still struggling with the question on the wall, look over that question, read your notes and then try to answer the question again. I recommend you do this at night before you sleep (so you can think about the questions in your dreams) or when you wake up (so you can think about the question throughout the day). Totally recommend using this tip!

Try not to get distracted! 

This tip is often very hard for me. When my sister was doing her exams, she blocked all social media websites and clothing store websites from her laptop so she could focus more when doing her work online. I've also started to do this too! If you want to know how to block websites I suggest you Google it. As for your phone- turn it off. I understand how it feels not having you're phone around you. As much as may say it's not, your phone is a distraction and needs to go away. Restrict yourself. Maybe go on your phone every hour for five minutes.

And those were my tips for revising. Revision can only be as stressful as you make it. Someone once told me something that always inspires me when it comes to school work: * Studying doesn't suck as much as failing * Hope you enjoyed this post as much I enjoyed writing it! Don't forget to check out my social media and maybe give this blog a follow. For now- GO STUDY!

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