3 Top Instagram Fashionistas

by - December 17, 2016

I like to think of Instagram as my a style guide to the latest fashion trends. However, if you don't know who to follow that VIP access to the latest trends can slowly turn into a public pass. Luckily, in this kinda beautiful world there are people like me to give you the details on the best Instagram people to follow for your fashion needs. So, now go get yourself a cup of coffee and stroll down your Instagram feed in style. Enjoy!

Lexee Smith 

Images via @LexeeSmith // Collage made by Arabelle Akinfe
Lexee Smith is a 15 year old Instagram famous teenager living in LA. She mostly spends her time modelling, dancing and posting amazing outfits on Instagram. Above are a few images of my favourite outfits Lexee has worn in her Instagram pictures. From denim on denim to fur coats and fire flames. She is one of the most fashionable teenagers I've ever seen so make sure you go follow her at @lexeesmith

Amanda Steele

Images via @AmandaSteele // Collage made by Arabelle Akinfe
I've spoke about Amanda before because I absolutely love her style! Amanda (also known as Mandy) is a 16 year old Youtuber and model for IMG Worldwide, living in LA. I swear, she basically as my dream life. Not only is her life my dream but so are her cool alternative outfits she pulls off on her Instagram page. Above I've included a few images of my favourite outfits from Amanda (which by the way was THE hardest thing to do). She is just so original in her looks and I love that about her. Keep up with Amanda's outfits: @amandasteele

Kelsey Simon 

Images via @k.els.e.y // Collage made by Arabelle Akinfe
Kelsey Simon is living THE dream. From her clothes to her very aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. She's just so incredibly cool. Just like myself, Kelsey also has a blog where she posts her fashion outfits and other stuff too. Kelsey also has a YouTube channel which features her lovely fashion decision. If you need to feel inspired why not go over to her Instagram: @k.els.e.y

I really do hope you enjoyed that and spiced up your Instagram timeline by following those amazing fashionistas. Thanks for reading! Until next time...

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