My 2016 Favourites

by - December 30, 2016

Hi guys! Today I'm going to be discussing my 2016 favourites. At first I was going to be doing a blog post on all the great things that happened in 2016 but I felt like there were more bad than good in 2016, which makes me sad. However, I still do have a few things in 2016 that made it to my favourites list. From T.V. shows to movies to fashion and books. These are a few of my favourites in 2016. Enjoy!

My favourite books of 2016 were so hard to round up but after days of thinking and re-thinking. I think that my favourite books i read in 2016 are To All the Boys I've Loved Before, November 9th, My Heart and Other Black Holes, I Hate Myselfie and The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo. You'll find all of these books on my Goodreads account.

TV Shows!
TV is always such an important thing to me which is awkward I guess. My favourite TV shows of 2016 have been Stranger Things, One Tree Hill, Unbreakable Kimmy Smith (soooo funny).

Fashion and makeup!
I've started to really like the makeup company, Colourpop. They have these ultra matte liquid lipsticks and lippie sticks which actually look nice on dark skin. This is surprising to  me because usually lip sticks look gross on me.
Chokers have also been something I been loving. They just make a regular boring outfit, exciting and cooler I guess. I buy most of my chokers from Ebay and Amazon if you were wondering.

Thanks for reading

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