My New Year Resolutions 2017

by - January 06, 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post of 2017! 2016 wasn't the best year for anyone which is why I'm determined to try and make this year a good one. When choosing my new year revolutions I tried not to sound lie the annoying teenage girl I sounded like last year. My revolutions will no longer be to get a hot body and have a summer fling. Both of which did not happen. This year I will be different. I know everyone finds it irritating when those exasperating Instagram people post pictures captioned "new year, new me" but this year I truly believe that I will be a changed person. So this blog post isn't really my 'new year revolutions' but more of my 'bucket list to being a changed person for the better'. Enjoy!!!

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1. Stop Procrastinating

If you don't know this already, in May I will be taking my GCSEs. Revision is something I find really hard because I always push it to the last minute. It's true! They don't call me Procrastination Princess for nothing! I've been working on this bad habit of mine for a while and I think I'll soon be resigning from that title with the help of to-do list and my mother yelling at me to revise.

2. Practise Forgiveness

I know that this is quite a weird thing to put on as one of your new year revolutions but forgiveness is basically having peace and I feel like that's something we all need. 
"It takes a strong person to say sorry but an even stronger person to forgive."

3. Be helpful

I don't really know how to explain this but I want to be more helpful. To everything and everyone. I feel like my contribution to society is nothing. If I was to do die right now (touch wood) the only thing on gravestone wold be "sister, daughter, friend". But if I started to be helpful and make a difference it might say..."sister, daughter, friend, super helpful person to society." 

4. Be yourself

I feel like by not being myself I'm saving people from the weird, crazy thing I call my personality. The thing is that some people (believe or not) like craziness and weirdness and maybe might like me. I'm often not myself on my blog and I really want to stop that.

5. Be Healthier

Even though I know my healthy streak of 2017 is most likely going to last the first two weeks of January, I just can't help myself from not putting on the list. Maybe this year it'll be different and I'll reach for the pack of carrots instead the slice of cake. Who am I kidding? The whole cake.

Thank you so much for reading this post! I had an amazing time writing it. Till next time!
Arabelle Akinfe

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