5 minutes, lets go.

by - March 16, 2017

 It is currently 13:15pm and lunch starts at 1:20pm meaning I five minutes to write something on this blog that might be eligible to upload. I like having control. Is that weird? Having control of things makes me feel powerful which tbh is probably a bad thing since I’m pretty sure that how bad world leaders begin. 1:17pm. Wow, I take long to write. Lunch is about to start yet here I am sitting in my schools ICT room, blogging. Dang! I am a weirdo. Normal people wouldn’t be doing this. I won’t really be doing. This isn’t me. But lately, I’ve enjoyed being the girl sitting in the back of the room not saying anything. It’s been exciting, weirdly. 1:19pm. One more minute. Just one more minute till lunch begins and this computer room becomes filled with a bunch of year 7s ready to playing Club Penguin or Stardoll or MovieStarPlanet. That’s probably an inaccurate prediction of what 11 and 12 year olds are doing but oh well. All I know is that when I was their age, online games were the sh*t ! Then again, I’m speaking from a girl who really only had one friend. 1.20pm. It’s already full in here and I’m starting to feel self-conscious. Ewk! I should go because I honestly feel as if someone’s going to look at my computer screen and think I’m crazy. They may be year 7s and not even know me but I still sort of feel weird about them seeing me blogging.
-photo from Tumblr

Go live life, eat cheese and be happy!


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