Amazing Ball Dresses from Pickedlooks

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hello chics! The ball time comes together with the spring. Have already made full preparation for that amazing momentI know, most of you have been looking for a beautiful and comfortable dress for a while but get no result. Today, I will show some super amazing ball dresses here and you will surely have a nice time at the ball.

All the beautiful ball gowns picked are from Pickedlooks, a New Zealand based online dress store. They offer a large range of special occasion dresses including ball dresses, evening dresses and bridesmaid dresses. All their dresses are made to order. So it means, you can somehow design your own dress, and also without paying extra money.


This is the first dress I want to recommend. The top is so cute with the leaf appliques. Please do click the link below the picture. There you will see three more real photos taken by themselves in the studio. The quality is nice, right? The second reason why I love this dress is the skirt, exactly the pleats. They are carefully made just like the big brand gowns I have seen in all my social media. I trust Pickedlooks although it is a young fashion brand.


This color amazes, so does the dress style. I do not how to call the color. Brown? Nude? Or Cocoa? It is just glossy and elegant. It might not look that stunning if the dress is done in silhouette like two pieces or ball gown. Sexy style and the amazing color makethe dress look rich. To me, the best part of the dress is the color but still the back design satisfies me.


Dream dress, right? I just want to scream for the sexy mermaid trend, the vintage off the shoulder neckline and the super exquisite red lace appliques. This dress is floor length. So it will be much easier to walk around and dance the all ball night. To point it out, this material is really thick. There are several layers of lace and satin.

Later, I want to show you two white ball dressesWhite is the color in fashion for 2017 spring. Both the two are really sexy.


The see-through lace ball dress is totally to my fashion taste. What about you, girls? Is it the one you want? The flowers on the skirt are really finely decorated. The asymmetric style somehow standsthe wearer’s figure out. You are surely the fashion icon if you how up at the ball with this dress.

In fact, it is not a pure white gown. The chiffon is white while the lace appliques on the body part of the dress are gold, ivory or champagne. The floral embellishments above the slit are super fashionable. For girls who want to show sexiness, this one is highly recommended.

Do you love today’s picks? Hope all you have a nice party time.

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