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by - June 16, 2017

Hello friends! I've been finding it a bit hard to get back into the blogging spirit again. There were literally days where I've stared at my blog trying to figure how I can start posting. That's the reason yesterday's blog post was so bad. If you haven't seen it, go look at it. It was basically a shameless self promo to my YouTube channel the entire post. I'm sorry. I hadn't been blogging because I had exams meaning I had to study. Even though it seems like no amount of studying would make those papers any easier. This is way it was so awkward to take photos for my blog agin too. I haven't camera whored in ages, which is why my posing is a bit awkward too. Arggg! Even writing is weird. I don't know what to talk about!  So here's the things I've been up to in the months I haven't been blogging.


My GCSEs were so hard. Like, super hard! I'd never been more stressed out in my short life before. I took history, ICT, art for my GCSEs and  everyone in my school had to do math, science, religion and English literature and language. I hated all of those papers. I honestly hate doing exams. I'm so much more of a practical gal. I guess if I had to choose the papers that went okay I'll say; art, English language and science (I haven't actually done science yet but I have a really good feeling about it). Do you do GCSEs? How'd did they go?


I guess the only good things about doing your GCSEs is that prom comes right after. Yours truly were one of the little group of people that planned prom. My friend Hazel said that it's super weird to plan the prom in her school. But not in mine. It's exciting! I kinda basically did it to be that girl who plans the prom in one of those all-American movies. You know the one! So I've been pretty stressed with planning that. I'll make sure to blog about prom when it finally happens on the 29th of June, so stay tunnel for that! ;-)

My birthday 

I turned 16 years old on the 2nd of April. Which is honestly STILL the weirdest thing to say since I look like I'm 13 y/o. I did have a birthday party despite not liking parties dedicated to me. My mum wanted to me to have one because she though eating Chinese food in our living room while we watch Eastenders wasn't enough. Even though a couple sweet and sour balls  and the remote to myself don't seem all so bad. I ended up going to the Global Buffet in Watford for a dinner party with five of my closest friends. I loved it so much! Probably even more than the Chinese and TV idea. Below are a few pictures taken from my birthday. 

Last day of school

We had our last day of school right before the exams stared. It sorta lasted for two days though. Our last day in school uniform and our last day overall. It was so emotional. It's weird because I never really like school but having a last day of anything will probably even make you a little bit emotional inside. Emphasis on the 'INSIDE'! I didn't cry. Well, I haven't cried yet but prom will be the last day everyone in my year will be together so maybe... Below I inserted a few pictures of the last two days of school. 

I can't really think of any more things that have happened which were worth blogging about. I promise I'll get better at blogging and keep to schedule. I also hope you enjoyed this blog post which was a bit more personal to be honest. Thank you for reading!

Yours Truly, Arabelle Akinfe

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