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by - September 16, 2017

I've recently started wearing my own clothes to school because I am now in sixth form. It's quite exciting and different. I've been wearing a uniform to school every since I was 5 years old so the change has been very exciting. Wearing uniform to school has sorta given me my inspiration to write this post about my favourite autumn school outfit bits and pieces. I hope enjoy and get some inspiration about what to wear if you're in sixth form, college, university or regular school where you get to wear your own clothes.

Panel patch jeans have been something I've been seeing a lot all over my Instagram feed for awhile. The thing I really like about these jeans are the multiple kinds of colours that are on the jeans. Like, you could be wearing a top that suits dark coloured denim and wearing the panel patch jeans since it has multiple different denim coloured on it. My favourite pair is from Brandy Melville (middle) which are just £30!

Square neckline tops have been a thing since summer but I recently got a bodysuit from Pretty Little Thing as one of my back to school clothing items. I think that tops like this just look much cuter than round neckline tops. Not to mention that tops like these are very on trend lately.
Accessories have been a very big thing I've been wearing currently at school. The one on the right is very similar to my favourite from Topshop. Gold necklaces that are very simple just look very nice to add to an outfit. Especially to  white collared shirt and jeans.
Those are current bits and pieces I've been loving to add to my outfits I wear in school. I hope you liked this post. I'll be coming back with OOTWs and autumn outfit ideas. THANKS FOR READING!

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