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Okay um, where did 2017 go? It seems like just a few months ago I was going crazy about prom and my GCSEs. I literally laugh at myself when I think about how long it took me to find my perfect prom dress and how insane I was about my grades. 2017 has been an amazing year me wise but next year I need to focus on other things which might help me become a better person. There are so many things I didn't do that I wish I did so bad, take blogging for example. I'm so ashamed that I haven't posted anything in so long and extremely sorry! But, there's never any point dwelling on the bad things in life and what you could have done instead of what you did do. Time to focus on the future. These are my 2018 goals that intend on following. Hopefully, this post will give a little inside into what exactly you want your goals to be this year. ENJOY!

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1. Make more YouTube videos
YouTube is something I love to watch. I'm pretty sure I spend most of my time on the site. That's why I want to make videos on it too. I have been telling myself I would for so long now but I never do because I get too scared of what people I know would think of them. I'm working on myself being more confident so once I find that confidence I guess I'll start posting videos regularly.

2. Be more active on social media
Despite me always being on social media I never post anything and people end up unfollowing me because they think I died or something since I never post. Like my blog, I haven't posted since September 2017 and it's now December 2017. The thing about social media is that you've got to stay relevant.

3. Reach 100k page views 
I pretty sure that I'm currently around 56k page views and I guess I'd be nice if I managed to get another 50k views to reach that 100k finish line.

4. Get a blogging planner
If I plan on reaching the 100k finish line anytime soon then I need start being more organised especially when it comes to my blog. Having a blogging planner honestly just helps so much with organisation especially when I also have school to think about.

5. Read 50 books
This year I was really disappointed in how many books I had read so for 2018 I think setting a reasonable target like 50 books would be good to keep.

6. Workout more
Is it really a New Year goal if you don't say you're going to lose weight? But seriously I need lose a few pounds and setting a goal always helps me in a way.

Thanks for reading this post :) I hope you all had an amazing holiday and have a happy new year!

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